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I've noticed some strange sort order when sorting by timestamp. First it sorts by time portion of the timestamp and then, for the records with the same time, date used for sort.

For me it looks completely wrong. Is there any way to tell Oracle to sort by date and then by time?


Field is defined as TIMESTAMP(6), without timezone. Here is the sorting result:

10-JAN-11 AM
09-JAN-11 AM
08-JAN-11 AM
07-JAN-11 AM
06-JAN-11 AM
05-JAN-11 AM
04-JAN-11 AM
02-JAN-11 PM
01-JAN-11 PM
31-DEC-10 PM
30-DEC-10 PM
29-DEC-10 PM
12-JAN-11 AM
11-JAN-11 AM
10-JAN-11 AM
09-JAN-11 AM
08-JAN-11 AM
07-JAN-11 AM

Here is the query:

select period_end from table_name where entity_id=102167 order by period_end desc;
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Your timestamp format shows all components of the timestamp, except one: the century. Your last six rows must be from a previous century.


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First I thought it's a joke, but you're right! –  Dima Jan 12 '11 at 12:30

You probable have a timestamp with timezone.

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No, it's defined as TIMESTAMP(6), without time zone. –  Dima Jan 12 '11 at 12:02
IN that case it probably helps to show the SQL statement. –  René Nyffenegger Jan 12 '11 at 12:05
Question updated. Thanks for a quick response. –  Dima Jan 12 '11 at 12:16

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