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I am using EzApi for creating a SSIS package. However I am unable to create a package having multiple sources and single destination. For example two OLEDB sources and a single OLEDB destination. What exactly I want to know is how to add merge transformation using c# code. Please help

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In EzApi there is a component called EzMerge If you need to create a custom dataflow - you can use the base class called EzDataFlowPackage:

class MyPackage: EzDataFlowPackage
        public EzOleDbSource src1;
        public EzOleDbSource src2;
        public EzMerge merge;
        public EzOleDbDest dest;
        public EzOleDbConnectionManager srcConnMgr1;
        public EzOleDbConnectionManager srcConnMgr2;
        public EzOleDbConnectionManager destConnMgr;

        public EzMyPackage() : base() 
            srcConnMgr1 = new EzOleDbConnectionManager(this);
            srcConnMgr2 = new EzOleDbConnectionManager(this);
            src1 = new EzOleDbSource(DataFlow);
            src2 = new EzOleDbSource(DataFlow);
            dest mew EzOleDbDest(DataFlow);
            src1.Connection = srcConnMgr1;
            src2.Connection = srcConnMgr2;
            dest.Connection = destConnMgr;
            merge = new EzMerge(DataFlow);

        public EzMyPackage(Package p) : base(p) { }

        public static implicit operator EzMyPackage(Package p) { return new EzMyPackage(p); }

I just typed this code in - so it may contain errors. By after all this your package layout is ready. And you can simply set component properties.

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I've not used EzApi, however in BIDS (Visual Studio) you need to have two data sources, one data destination, and a 'merge' component to connect it:

Like so:

alt text


With regard to crating is progamatically. Check out the following link:


Look for the code after the comment //create the Merge Transformation

//create the Merge Transformation
IDTSComponentMetaData90 merge = dataflow.ComponentMetaDataCollection.New();
merge.ComponentClassID = "DTSTransform.MergeJoin";
CManagedComponentWrapper mergeDesigntime = merge.Instantiate();
merge.Name = "Merge Source1 and source2";
Console.WriteLine("merge created ");
merge.InputCollection[0].ExternalMetadataColumnCollection.IsUsed = false;
merge.InputCollection[0].HasSideEffects = false;
merge.InputCollection[1].ExternalMetadataColumnCollection.IsUsed = false;
merge.InputCollection[1].HasSideEffects = false;

//create path from source1 to merge
/*More code - see article*/

//create path from source2 to merge
/*More code - see article*/

The following links may also be useful for creating SSIS packages programatically:



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hey james! Thanks for your quick reply, but I am creating the packages using c# code. What exactly I wanted to know was how can I add merge transformation using c# code. –  Apoorv k Jan 13 '11 at 9:32
Sure. I've added an edit. See post above. –  James Wiseman Jan 13 '11 at 11:58

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