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To keep my queries self-contained and potentially reusable, I tended to do this in NH2:

public class FeaturedCarFinder : DetachedCriteria
    public FeaturedCarFinder(int maxResults) : base(typeof(Car))
        Add(Restrictions.Eq("IsFeatured", true));

I'd like to use QueryOver now that I've moved to NH3, but I'm not sure how to do the above using QueryOver?

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Someone on the NH Users list gave me the answer:

public class FeaturedCarFinder : QueryOver<Car, Car> 
    public FeaturedCarFinder(int maxResults) 
        Where(c => c.IsFeatured); 
    private void BuildProjections() 
        SelectList(l => 
            l.Select(c => c.IsFeatured) 

Very similar to using DetachedCriteria as a base class, but note the use of QueryOver (i.e. the two type-argument version) rather than just QueryOver as the base class.

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