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I've an old program that use relative path to get mail templates. The relative path point to local folder on the project folder . My problem is that the program transalte the relative path to c:\windows\system32... . The os is server 2008 . There is any configuration work around that i need to do ?

Thanks in advance ,

Ishay .

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Please rephrase, unclear. –  orlp Jan 12 '11 at 13:05
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let me try to rephrase it,

he had a server with windows server 2003 on it, now he upgrated to a server with windows server 2008 (R2) 64bit. also he had a console application that used to send an email , and the link to that email (html file) was relative.

now, when he transfered that same application to the new server the application was failed to send that email!

In the code he used the "../../EmailTemplateFolder/file.html" relative path. when he used it on the old server it's worked fine! but in the new server it changes this same path to "c:\windows\system32\" (something ,something...)

now, he can't just change the code for some reasons, (let say he will give an absolute path that maybe will work) proberly, beacuse he want to avoid it.

the real question is way ?

why the new server doesnt recordnize this path (the "../../EmailTemplateFolder/file.html") ? are there any configurations that need to be made in the new server ?

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You should use GetFullPathName function for converting relative path to full path, but pay attention YOU SHOULD NOT USE THIS FUNCTION IF YOUR PROGRAMM IS MULTITHREADED

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