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I need to choose a version of eclipse to install the Flash Builder 4 plugin on. What versions of eclipse are most suitable for the plugin? Are there any known problems with the latest version? (currently 3.6.1 I believe) Are there any officially supported versions? / unsupported versions?

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I use the latest Eclipse release (Helios 3.6.1) with the Flash Builder 4 plugin. I find Flash Builder 4 to be a little flaky in general, but nothing to stop me delivering my software.

I develop Flex on top of Java, which is why I want the latest version of Eclipse. I develop both Flex and Java in the same Eclipse workspace.

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You can install the stand alone, which has eclipse in it. I use this one and I just install all my plugins in the stand alone. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for answering, but my question is specific on the subject of choosing eclipse version to go with the FB 4 plugin. – Eitan Jan 16 '11 at 6:53

From the installation manual:

Install Flash Builder 4 Plug-in on Windows: NOTE: Flash Builder 4 is only supported on Eclipse 3.4 or 3.5. CAUTION: Do not install the plug-in version of Flash Builder 4 into a copy of Eclipse that is already hosting Flex Builder 3 plug-in. If you want to continue running Flex Builder 3 plug-in, download a new copy of Eclipse and use that when installing Flash Builder 4 plug-in, or choose bundled Eclipse option in the installer. In addition, be sure to use separate Eclipse workspaces for each installation.

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