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What are the GUI tools available for JPA?

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Maybe you should be more specific in what you are searching for: code generation, visual configuration of entities / relationships between entities, visual query creation, etc.

Both Netbeans and Eclipse (with myeclipseide) have some support for JPA entity generation and relationship management.

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Actually I was aware of tools such as Dali and capabilities of Netbeans. However installing Eclipse for just JPA does not make sense for me, I just want to know the ways of dealing with entities... An little opensource tool has Dali capabilities can be greate. Thanks. –  Cem Jan 21 '09 at 22:30

Netbeans includes that feature built-in. It can create your Entity Beans right from some DB Schema. For eclipse you might check out Dali.

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I believe MyEclipse has some tools available for JPA.


I've personally used some of their persistence tools and have only found them useful for simple tasks. MyEclipse is a good all-around IDE though.

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