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I am trying to add in some required values to the "create bug" template, just so that they show up in the initial comment. So, following (hopefully) the instructions in the Template Customization section of the documentation, I performed the following :

  1. Created folder template/en/custom/bug/create
  2. Copied the files comment.txt.tmpl and create.html.tmpl from the "default" folder to there
  3. Added the new input field to the custom create.html.tmpl:
    <input name="cust_ref" size="70">
  4. Placed the following at the bottom of the custom comment.txt.tmpl:
    Customer ref: [% form.cust_ref %]

Then I ran check_setup.pl and tried it out - the input field did appear, and the initial comment was this:

my description
Customer ref:

So, almost worked, but the user-supplied value for cust_ref didn't show up in the bug comment. Anybody any ideas as to why? Is the usage of [% form.cust_ref %] correct?

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OK, after looking at some more of the examples, changed it to this: Customer Ref: [%+ Bugzilla.cgi.param("cust_ref") %] and that seemed to work –  pubmonster Jan 12 '11 at 13:52
since you solved your own question, you should post this as an answer and mark it as accepted. Might help someone in the future. –  Scott W Jan 20 '11 at 22:06

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