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I have defined a layout, 'mainTemplate' for my grails application. I use g:layoutHead (so my pages append their head section to the layouts).

But when I look into the source of my home page, I still get the meta info for the layout.

Though I get my page rendered in the defined template, but I suppose grails should have removed this meta info.

How do I remove it? Or am I missing something here?

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Can you elaborate on why you want the <meta> tag removed? – Rob Hruska Jan 12 '11 at 15:35
Its not very necessary to remove it, but I hoped it shouldn't have been there, I felt I missed something or it was some bug. – Vishal Jan 14 '11 at 4:39
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If you're using the <meta> tag to define the layout, it's not easily removable. However, you can use <g:applyLayout> in your views to avoid using the <meta> tag.

<!-- a GSP view, e.g. views/foo/index.gsp -->
<g:applyLayout name="main"><!-- value for "name" is the same as what you'd use in the meta tag -->
    <head><title>My Decorated Page</title></head>
      Some content

Essentially what you're doing is removing the <meta> tag from your view and then wrapping the contents of the view with the <g:applyLayout>.

Admittedly, this is a lot of work; you'd need to update all of your views, and also probably update the scaffolded views in src/templates (if you're using scaffolding). To be honest, removing the <meta> tag from the final view seems largely unnecessary except for some very exceptional cases (e.g. a naming conflict with "layout", or that you just have to prevent those extra ~35 characters from being sent over the wire, which seems pretty micro-optimization-happy to me).

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Thanks Rob, surely that's a help. Its a lot of work though changing it into all my GSPs. – Vishal Jan 14 '11 at 4:36

I ended up having to remove the <meta> tag for compliance with our WCAG validator1.

I added an item to one of my tag libraries to make it convenient.

def wcagValidLayoutHead = {
  def head = request["__sitemesh__page"].head
  out << head.replaceAll(/<meta .*name=['"]layout['"].*\/>/, '')

And then used it like so:

  <title><g:layoutTitle default="My Valid HTML Page"/></title>

It's a bit of a hack and I'm sure the regex can be improved for speed, but it works.

1: I'm not convinced it's actually invalid HTML, but if it makes the validator happy, I can move on to bigger and better problems.

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