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using XMLHttpRequest it is not possible to open a connection to a document on a different domain than where the page itself is hosted.

but what about different ports?

for example i have a webserver running on my machine listening on port 80 so the webaddress would look like this:


and i have another webserver running on localhost which is meant to process the ajax requests but listens on a different port. so the javascript in mypage.html would look like this:

var xmlhttprequest = new XMLHttpRequest();"GET", "http://localhost:1234/?parameters", true); 

would this work? or will it give a security exception as well?

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Using a different port does indeed count as cross-site scripting.

There are several well-known ways to make a call (you can always send the data) and use the response (which is what you cannot normally do under anti-xss constraints), including JSONP and using an iframe in the page to load the data.

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This wouldn't go as it is still practically on another server (at least another server instance, which may not be under your control).

You could add a Access-Control-Allow-Origin: http://yourdomain:1234/ in headers, google for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing. It's relativelly new though, not all browsers know about this. Or you can use jQuery (read more on

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