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I have treeview based on proxymodel based on model. So I get a table, that can be filtered and sortered.

I just want to export current view of this table to CSV file. Just what I see, export to a file or print.

I suppose I have to use proxymodel for that, right? I cant find a method row or something like that.

Really I have to use methods data(), rowCount() and collumnCount()?


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I'm not aware of any CSV parser or exporter for QAbstractItemModels, so I think you have to write your own exporting code, like this (pythonish pseudo-code):

for row in range(model.rowCount()):
    for col in range(model.columnCount()):
        value = model.index( row, col, QModelIndex() ).data( Qt.DisplayRole ).toString()
        #write v, add separator...
    #finish row...

Using only generic QAbstractItemModel API it works for all models, proxy or not.

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There is a CSV reader/writer for python, which you can use in Frank Osterfeld's solution.

See for more examples!

import csv
writer = csv.writer(open("some.csv", "wb"))
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