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I have timer job inside a windows service, for which the intervall should be incremented when errors occur. My problem is that I can't get the timer.Change Method to actually change the intervall. The "DoSomething" is always called after the inital interval..

This is probably something simple ..

Code follows:

protected override void OnStart(string[] args)
 //job = new CronJob();
 timerDelegate = new TimerCallback(DoSomething);
 seconds = secondsDefault;
 stateTimer = new Timer(timerDelegate, null, 0, seconds * 1000);
public void DoSomething(object stateObject)
 AutoResetEvent autoEvent = (AutoResetEvent)stateObject;
  secondsDefault += secondsIncrementError;
  if (seconds >= secondesMaximum)
   seconds = secondesMaximum;
  Loggy.AddError("BitcoinService not available. Incrementing timer to " +
                   secondsDefault + " s",null);

  stateTimer.Change(seconds * 100, seconds * 100);
 else if (seconds > secondsDefault)
  // reset the timer interval if the bitcoin service is back up...
  seconds = secondsDefault;
  Loggy.Add ("BitcoinService timer increment has been reset to " + 
                 secondsDefault + " s");
 // do the the actual processing here
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Your actual problem is in this line:

secondsDefault += secondsIncrementError; 

It should be:

seconds += secondsIncrementError; 

Furthermore, The Timer.Change method operates in miliseconds, so multiplying by 100 is obviously wrong. That means change:

stateTimer.Change(seconds * 100, seconds * 100); 


stateTimer.Change(seconds * 1000, seconds * 1000); 

Hope it helps.

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silly me. that simple. thank you! –  AyKarsi Jan 12 '11 at 15:01

Try using stateTimer.Change(0, seconds * 100); this will immediately force System.Threading.Timer to restart with new interval.

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tried that, but it has the same effect :( –  AyKarsi Jan 12 '11 at 14:55

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