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I'm looking for standards that are behind realtime web applications. I know about W3C Websockets API and IETF Websockets protocol, Bayeux protocol and Server-Sent Events standards. Are there any other standards for techniques like long-polling, callback-polling, Iframe streaming, htmlfile streaming, XHR streaming, multipart streaming, Direct Socket?

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Maybe this can help you out: – Šime Vidas Jan 12 '11 at 15:12

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Long polling doesn't have a dedicated standard. It is effectively an implementation technique layered on top of existing standards like HTTP and XMLHttpRequest (which is standardized as W3C working drafts). The Wikipedia page is a pretty good reference.

XMPP standardizes a technique called BOSH which is also implemented as long-lived HTTP.

multipart/x-mixed-replace was implemented by Netscape but not IE, and is not a standard. The Push technology Wikipedia page is a good reference.

Hope these help.

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If anyone is interested in a Java implementation I just wrote a sample app and a blog post about it. It uses Java, Maven, Comet, Bayeux, Spring.

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I have found an interesting answer on quora ( :

The following protocols are core to the Realtime Web:

  1. HTTP protocol in general makes so much possible WebSockets protocol
  2. PubSubHubbub protocol
  3. Webhooks eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) & BOSH (
  4. Activity Streams (as pointed out by Chris Saad)
  5. http-live-streaming / HTTP Long-Polling
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