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I have a modal view controller whose view comes from a XIB. I want it to have the same look and feel as the rest of my navigation based app, but it's not a view that's pushed to the navigation stack, it's presented modally. I dragged a UINavigationBar in and made it an outlet, but it doesn't have a title property to set. I have two fields that can bring up this modal view, and I want the title set differently depending on which one creates the modal view.

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UINavigationBar's manage a stack of UINavigationItems much like a UINavigationController manager a stack of UIViewControllers. To set what is visible directly, you should use either pushNavigationItem:animated: or setItems:animated: using the navigationItem of the view controller you want the bar to reflect.


self.navigationItem.title = @"A custom title";
[self.navigationBar pushNavigationItem:self.navigationItem animated:NO];

The above code where you have a property navigationBar which references the stand-alone navigation bar.

If you don't want to manage it yourself, you can do as mplappert suggested and nest your view controller (without a stand-alone UINavigationBar) in a UINavigationController and present the navigation controller modally instead of your view controller.

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Also found this easier way if you've already defined a UINavigationBar in your IB. Assuming self.navigationBar is your IBOutlet:

self.navigationBar.topItem.title = title;
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This is the correct answer. –  Fengson Mar 1 at 11:49
This worked for me. –  Jonny Ramos Mar 24 at 16:34

(Using XCode 4.5.2) Found a method that works directly in Interface Builder - without setting in code.

With the ViewController object selected in (IB), under the Identity Inspector there is a section labeled "User Defined Runtime Attributes". I added the keyPath "title" of type String and set it to the value I wanted.

Tested and this works when pushed onto a Nav Controller stack and when opened modally (with a Modal Nav Controller of course).

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viewcontroller.h file in create iboutlet of the navigation item

     @property (weak, nonatomic) IBOutlet UINavigationItem *navigationBarTitle;

- Named it "navigationBarTitle"

in viewcontroller.m file in add the code in super viewDidLoad

      self.navigationBarTitle.title = @"Favorites";

connect the storybord in navigation bar item to navigationBarTitle.

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in my .h file

  • Dragged the Child of the navigation item from the storyboard into the .h file

  • Named it "navigationBarTitle"

in my .m file

  • Added self.navigationBarTitle.title = @"Some Title";
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Simply put your UIViewController into a new UINavigationControllers view controller stack and present that navigation controller modally.

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