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There are many choices but not limited below:

  • DotNetNuke
  • Umbraco
  • Sitefinity
  • N2
  • MojoPortal

I know this question seems to be somewhat subjective, but I list my expectation in order of priority:

  1. Mature: there is no doubt this is most important. At least easy to debug. Like DotNetNuke who provides unit tests is wonderful!
  2. Flexible: There will be many custom and unexpected requirement, which probably need not only add something but also modify the source code directly.
  3. Performance: it should be considered, too. at least support cache, Ajax, etc.
  4. Document: it's better to easy to find literal learning material and active community support. I emphasize literal because I am not an English native speaker, I find it's hard to me to watch video(umbraco)
  5. others: I'd rather use C# than VB.Net, WebForm(because of code-behind) than MVC. Domain Driven Design and NHibernate are welcomed.

From what I have researched:

  1. DotNetNuke is most suitable except it written by VB.NET(althogh C# version is provided by community members)
  2. Umbraco lacks of literal matieral(I see a large number of vedio instead) and need full trust host(maybe it has changed now?)
  3. Sitefinity seems focus on commercial product now, right? But its advertisement on compatibility with asp.net build-in pattern attracted me much, such as Masterpage, Usercontrol, etc.
  4. I know little about MojoPortal and N2 but see many people recommend them.

Do you have any suggestion to me? I'm looking forward to your advise and thanks very much in advance.

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Don't forget Orchard. It's the newest hype coming from microsoft :-)

I wouldn't take the VB implementation of DotNetNuke into account. After all, you can build your own module in C# if you want. And the rest is built.

N2 looked good to me, cause it's easy to integrate with other solutions.

I would also look at http://sueetie.com/. They integrated the best open source .NET software into a neat package.

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oh, thanks very much. But seems Orchard is too young. –  freeflying Jan 13 '11 at 12:18
That is true, but it's under heavy development. Which is a good thing too. –  Remy Jan 13 '11 at 12:23

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