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Is there a private API for enabling tethering in an iPad app? Since the iPhone supports tethering under some contracts, the existence of an API in the iOS is obvious…

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possible duplicate of Toggle iPhone tethering by code – Brad Larson Jan 12 '11 at 16:55
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I'm not aware of a private tethering API.

If all you want to do is have your own private WIFI hotspot, and you're an iPhone developer, then you can download/build/install iProxy: Not quite tethering but close enough for most needs.

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There is a file located in the Preferences folder, along with the


In that file, you will want to set 1023 for key State to enable the Tethering feature. To disable the feature, you will want to set 1022 for key State.

This action is only possible on a jailbroken device

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Do you know, does the mobile carrier also need to enable tethering (via the subscriber's data plan, for example), or does calling the carrier and adding something to your plan simply change this plist value? – Nate Jan 9 '13 at 5:08

I would think anything dealing with tethering would be handled by the OS, and exposed only in the Settings app. What sort of API functionality would you expect for that kind of OS-level feature?

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