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I'm running Fedora13, and every time my computer boots, I get a pretty blue login screen. Once I select my user, but before I enter my password, I have the option in a dropdown box at the bottom of the screen to use the GNOME environment instead of KDE.

KDE is the default, but I don't use it, so every time I login I have to select GNOME rather than just typing my password. This is annoying, because if I just willy-nilly put in my password and quickly hit enter, KDE loads, then I have to log out, and log back in again (or use switchdesk).

How do I make GNOME the default desktop environment when logging in?

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You want the system-switch-displaymanager package:

# yum install system-switch-displymanager
# system-switch-displaymanager gnome

It's weird your default desktop manager is KDE because GNOME was used as the default one in Fedora 13. I guess you downloaded the Fedora KDE edition or changed the configuration some other way.

If you want to change the desktop manager manually, the configuration is in /etc/sysconfig/desktop; just add or edit the line setting the property DISPLAYMANAGER=GNOME

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The manual edit worked. Running system-switch-displaymanager asks for a [display manager], but I don't know what display manager I should use. –  Cory Klein Jan 17 '11 at 17:54

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