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I'm working on a porting of a simple project to a zend framework project using zf 1.10.8. there are 3 or 4 .inc.php files that I need present in let's say 2 layouts. my first idea is to load them in the boostrap but I've realized that they are not needed every where in the project so I've started questioning that idea.

Secondly I wanted to put them in views but realized some of them are classes.so I ended up confused.

What's the best way to implement that?

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just include them where you need them. If they include classes, instantiate the classes as you need them

// someview.phtml
include '/path/to/needed.php'; // contains class Foo
$foo = new Foo;

As an alternative, port the classes to use the ZF/PEAR naming convention and make them available to the Zend Autoloader. Or create a wrapper class that includes the files and have that wrapper loaded by the Autoloader. Or add a ViewHelper that includes them.

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thanks a lot Gordon – black sensei Jan 12 '11 at 17:19

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