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I want to know weather there are any open-source web browser apps available for Symbian platform?

(I searched about this everywhere but got nothing)

Here is my case:

I successfully developed a web browser for Android which is capable of rendering Sinhala/Tamil complex script web text. For that I used an open-source web browser available for Android & added the functionality to render the complex scripts. After I published that app, I'm getting so many requests to develop that browser for Symbian also since most of the Sinhalese & Tamils use Symbian Nokia phones. So in order to implement the rendering engine I developed, I'm searching weather there are any open-source web browser apps available for Symbian. Otherwise I'll have to develop a whole web browser with rendering capability.

Please share your ideas on this. Thanks in advance!

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Opera works great on my Symbian phone. Can you write an extension for that? – BryanH Jan 12 '11 at 17:30

For example, webkit is open source and has been ported to Symbian. The native S60 browser uses it as well. To get started with using it, consider QtWebKit as your browser engine. Adding UI controls on top of it is relatively straightforward, at least compared to writing a browser from scratch.

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No, there is no open source browser available for Symbian.

Nokia has however released their port of WebKit to Symbian as open source, you might consider using that.

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