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I want know how to use preg_replace to change A - when it is the last letter - to e.
For example, I want to change the word "karema" to "kareme" - notice only the last a has changed, not the one in the middle!

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For changing "a" at the end of every word, use a\b:

preg_replace("/a\b/", "e", $str);

\b is a word boundary, it would work well in your case.

Example: http://ideone.com/ehN43

If your string is a single word you may also use a$ - the a at the end of the line.

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If it's only that specific word, you don't need preg_replace. Simply use str_replace('karema', 'kareme', $TEXT_TO_BE_CHANGED). If this isn't what you want, you'll have to provide a more detailed example of what you're looking for.

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This will work for you

preg_replace('/a\s/i', 'e ', 'This is some sample text karama dharama');

It will replace karama to karame and dhrama to dharame

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That won't work for karema., karema,, karema!, "karema", or the many other cases where the final letter in a word is not followed by whitespace. –  Alan Moore Jan 13 '11 at 7:53
thanks but could you explan to me how i work? and pleas tell me good book learn me rgex ^^ –  Kareem Nour Emam Jan 14 '11 at 22:53

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