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I'm having some trouble with some team members accidentally checking in code across (usually unrelated) Team Projects. I could flog them for not being careful or try to find an easier way to bring this to their attention. We are running TFS 2010 & VS 2010.

Is there a TFS check-in policy to prevent check-ins across team projects?

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They shouldn't have this problem if they either check in from the Solution Explorer or from a sub-folder (or individual team project) in the Source Code Explorer. It sounds like they're being lazy and simply right clicking on $/ and checking in.

That being said, I haven't seen any out-of-the-box policies for doing this. However, writing your own using the TFS API is very straightforward.

Jim Lamb's article is probably the best place to start:

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yes, lazy or they aren't paying attention to what they are doing... –  TheEmirOfGroofunkistan Jan 14 '11 at 11:32
I hear you. The big challenge with check in policies is going to be ensuring the devs install them and keep them up to date. –  Robaticus Jan 14 '11 at 11:52

In TFS 2010 check-in policies aren't evaluated for check-ins across multiple projects, so a check-in policy can't do what you want.

However, there is code for a VS addin in the first comment of this bug-report which looks like it does what you want:

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I'm really disappointed by these responses. TFS is a tool to make developers work better and more efficient. To blame a developer for being lazy or not paying attention seems like an absolute cope out. What if you hire a new employee that has limited knowledge and simply makes a mistake? Tools should allow us to assist and teach developers on appropriate methods.

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