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How can I place only an image in a div as background image, and add url link to it. Currenty I'm doing it this way:

<div class="image"><a href="example.com"><img src="books.png" alt="Test" /></a></div>

I want to do something like following, but its not working (the image does not appear).

<div class="image"><a href="example.com"><span class="books"></span></a></div>


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What CSS are you using for your image and books classes? –  Pekka 웃 Jan 12 '11 at 19:36
do you accept CSS solutions? –  amosrivera Jan 12 '11 at 19:37
If you want an image to be a link, then you need to tell the person looking at the page where the link is going. This requires content. If you want to use an image as this content, use an <img> element. A background is inappropriate. –  Quentin Jan 12 '11 at 19:38

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Place the background image in the <a> tag if you want it clickable.

your css:

.image a { display: block;
    background: url('image.jpg') no-repeat;
    height: 50px; /* obviously use the same dimensions as your image */
    width: 50px; /* obviously use the same dimensions as your image */

<div class="image"><a href="example.com">&nbsp;</a></div>

or better yet, get rid of the div entirely, and just apply the image class directly to a:

<a class="image" href="example.com">&nbsp;</a>
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It's likely it's because the div is empty. Try something like:

<div class="image"><a href="example.com"><span class="books">&nbsp;</span></a></div>

If it's still not showing, set the "image" class to have a background color too, so that you can see how big the div 'thinks' it is.

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If you want an image to be in the background you need to set, the style property "z-index:-1", that way, the image will be in the back of the other elements in the same content div

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Does it have to be a DIV?

I am writing the style inside you can use it in css file

<a class="image" style="display:block; width: (image-width); height: (image-height); background: url(image-link)"></a>

this will work...

you can use it like this if you need div..

<div class="image" style="width: (image-width); height: (image-height); background: url(image-link)"><a href=""  style="display:block;"></a></div>
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