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I have data from a CSV file that's already loaded into memory. So I might have something like this:

csv_string = 'Value 1,Value 2,"Hey, it\'s value 3!",Value 4 has "some quotes"'

Obviously I won't want to do csv_string.split(","). Since it seems like splitting a CSV-style string this way might be a not-all-that-uncommon need, I was wondering if there's a solution already out there.

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Forgive me, but why do you not want to split on comma? It is not clear from the example. – mharper Jan 12 '11 at 19:57
Because his data could contain commas, though they'd be delimited (hopefully). – Chuck Callebs Jan 12 '11 at 20:00

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For parsing CSV, Ruby comes with the csv library:

require 'csv'

# => [['Value 1', 'Value 2', "Hey, it's value 3!", 'Value 4 has "some quotes"']]

Unfortunately, your string doesn't actually contain valid CSV, so what you'll really get is the following exception:

# CSV::MalformedCSVError: Illegal quoting on line 1.

Since your data doesn't actually conform to any common standard, there can obviously not be a common parser and you'll have to write your own.

Alternatively, you could change your data to be valid CSV, for example like this:

c = %q[Value 1,Value 2,"Hey, it's value 3!","Value 4 has ""some quotes"""]

# => [['Value 1', 'Value 2', "Hey, it's value 3!", 'Value 4 has "some quotes"']]
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on Ruby 1.9.x FasterCSV is the default csv engine, if you are using 1.8.x you will need to include the gem, but take a look at the foreach and row parsing abilities:

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