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I have a server that is "named" and it seems to cause Grails to be unable to find localhost.

Running Grails application..
2011-01-12 20:45:14,046 [main] ERROR ehcache.Cache  - Unable to set localhost. This prevents creation of a GUID. Cause was: zaftra: zaftra zaftra: zaftra
    at net.sf.ehcache.Cache.<clinit>(
    at net.sf.ehcache.config.ConfigurationHelper.createCache(
    at net.sf.ehcache.config.ConfigurationHelper.createDefaultCache(
    at net.sf.ehcache.CacheManager.configure(
    at net.sf.ehcache.CacheManager.init(
    at net.sf.ehcache.CacheManager.<init>(
    at net.sf.ehcache.hibernate.EhCacheProvider.start(

Contents of /etc/hosts (as shown):       localhost localhost.localdomain zaftra
::1       localhost localhost.localdomain zaftra
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Can you provide your system architecture and the contents (or a brief snippet) of your /etc/hosts? – Rob Hruska Jan 12 '11 at 21:38
@Rob: Done. System architecture is a cloud server running Ubuntu 10.04. – Josh K Jan 12 '11 at 21:53
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I'm going to assume that you're on some flavor of linux. If that's the case, you might have a look at your /etc/hosts file - is there an entry for localhost? I'd expect to see something like:     localhost zaftra
::1           localhost

I did some Googling - there's a similar question over on SuperUser - the suggestion there was to add the following to /etc/resolv.conf:

search (domainname) // in your case, search (zaftra)

You might also try:

search zaftra
// or
search // if there's a more fully-qualified domain name you can use

(That's based off of an entry I've got in resolv.conf on one of my Ubuntu machines).

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This was left off when creating the server. Completely forgot to check. – Josh K Jan 12 '11 at 21:49
I'm going to tick this as accepted, because it's very likely that these two changes will resolve other problems. I'm still getting it though. :/ – Josh K Jan 13 '11 at 2:45

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