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I'm starting to develop a plugin for CKEditor that needs to be used to insert some HTML snippets in a web page. This is done. Nonetheless I also need to include some special items when switching to WYSIWYG mode (e.g. something more or less similar to Show Blocks plugin, but not just using styles since I need some elements included in there). So my question is :

How could I include extra items or styles (e.g. to hide parts of the contents in WYSIWYG mode) in WYSIWYG view without altering HTML output ?

If someone could provide some information about a working (maybe simple) example, I'd also appreciate your help.

PS: If you need to know further details please ask, but for instance assume inserted raw HTML code is

<div class="xxx">Hello world !</div>

... but in WYSIWYG mode need to display a link on top of it that pops up an alert and toggles dotted border.

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...the completion of sentences? – middaparka Jan 12 '11 at 21:22

About injecting CSS classes in WYSIWYG mode, use addCss function.

About creating fake elements in WYSIWYG mode ... I think I can solve the problem using context menu instead.

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