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I've built an index of user-entered (unstructured) descriptions for a particular object. Each description has a category_id and a user_id that is assigned (when indexed they are sql_attr_uint's). When a new object is added by a user, I'm trying to determine the most relevant category for the description that was entered. Currently I am achieving this by grouping on the category_id and using a SPH_MATCH_ANY match mode, then ordering by @weight desc, @count desc.

All of the above is working great, but there is one final thing I need to get working. I'd like to be able to get results relevant to the user first, then if nothing relevant is found, do an unfiltered search like I'm already doing above. The best case scenario is that I only need one query which can give me both uses, but I'm definitely willing to live with performing (potentially) two queries to get the data I care about.

So, what I've tried to do is in addition to the category_id group by, also adding a filter for the user_id. Unfortunately when I run this with the search command, I get 0 results, when I know that there are relevant results that are indexed. Is there something I don't understand with filters or group by?

My example search command is as follows:

    search -c config/sphinx.conf -a -g category_id -gs '@weight desc, @count desc' -f
    user_guid 105567441050013792 'A user entered description'

And if I leave the filtering off I get plenty of results:

    search -c config/sphinx.conf -a -g category_id -gs '@weight desc, @count desc' 'A user
    entered description'

And I also know that there are rows in the index that should be returned for that specific user.

Please let me know if I can provide more information to help solve this issue. Thanks!

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Have you tried removing the group by during the user_guid query? –  Glen Solsberry Jan 12 '11 at 22:29
I think I had tried that, but can't remember what the results were. Will go run that and get back to you. –  localshred Jan 13 '11 at 18:30

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