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Do i have to escape slashes when putting them into regular expression?

myString = '/courses/test/user';
myString.replace(/\/courses\/([^\/]*)\/.*/, "$1");

Instead of printing "test", it prints the whole source string.

See this demo:


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Your regex is perfect, and yes, you must escape slashes since JavaScript uses the slashes to indicate regexes.

However, the problem is that JavaScript's replace method does not perform an in-place replace. That is, it does not actually change the string -- it just gives you the result of the replace.

Try this:

myString = '/courses/test/user';
myString = myString.replace(/\/courses\/([^\/]*)\/.*/, "$1");

This sets myString to the replaced value.

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string.replace doesn't modify the original string. Instead, a returns a new string that has had the replacement performed.


myString = '/courses/test/user';
document.write(myString.replace(/\/courses\/([^\/]*)\/.*/, "$1"));
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/[\/]/g replaces forward slashes.

try /[\\]/g to replaces backward slashes.

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