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How do I write a click event in jQuery that will capture the value of a dropdown? I have:

var select = $('select #dealerName');
    $(function {
        select.click(function {
            alert( $('#dealerName').val() );


I'm just trying to get the value -- that's why I'm alerting it. What would the click function look like? The id on my dropdown is "dealerName". The above is not alerting anything.

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It's because you're not selecting it correctly

var select = $('select #dealerName');

should be

var select = $('select#dealerName');

BUT... I'm assuming you want to get the value after it is selected? as it stands as soon as you open the dropdown you will get an alert.

Instead of using .click() , use .change()

EDIT : Personally I would just attach the handler directly on the object.

$('select#dealerName').change(function() {
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That doesn't alert anything. How can I test to see if jquery is being called at all? – sehummel Jan 12 '11 at 22:02
updated answer, I would just call it directly on the object. – jondavidjohn Jan 12 '11 at 22:05
Also your function call looks funky: $(function () { – Grillz Jan 12 '11 at 22:13
my function? or OP's? – jondavidjohn Jan 12 '11 at 22:19
OPs - sorry bout that – Grillz Jan 12 '11 at 22:22

Five things:

  1. Unless your javascript code is at the bottom of the document, you need to include all your jQuery inside $(function() { }); - as it is right now it will try to find your select before the DOM is ready to be accessed.

  2. If the ID of the <select> element is #dealerName, your jQuery selector is going to be $('#dealerName') - as it is right now you are looking for a descendant to a <select> with the ID specified. You also don't want to do select#dealerName as IDs are meant to be unique and specifiying the tag is only going to slow jQuery down.

  3. click will fire as soon as someone clicks on the select as opposed to when a new option is chosen. You probably want change

  4. Not too big of a deal, but there is a slightly popular convention to name variables that refer to jQuery wrappers with a $ at the beginning to be able to quickly tell what is a jQuery wrapped.

  5. Inside an event call you can quickly reference the element in question with this

So a working example would be:

$(function() {
   $('#dealerName').change(function() {
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Well I see a few possible errors:

Remove the space in the first line selector.


That means "the select tag with an id of dealername." Your version is "the element called dealername that is a child of a select tag".

Also, when writing inline functions, put () after the function keyword.

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