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I code in mostly VBScript and have a question regarding a C# ASP.NET application that I'm writing that will do remote WMI queries for information (specifically to Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)). The examples shown in the SDK (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc145284.aspx) for Config Mgr 2007 show a connection being created to the remote server and calling snipplets (methods) in another class. However, in this application I would be making numerous calls to the remote server and I'm curious to know how C# manages and closes this connection? If I called multiple 'snipplets', does it maintain a single connection to the server or would each 'snipplet' called create a new connection to the server. My concern is having 300 connections to the server because I don't see an .Close or any cleanup of the connection. I would just like to ensure my class is built properly and not making a multitude of connections to the remote server before I continue building my application. Thanks for any input.

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Where do you see these 300 connections??

Net management Classes are finally based on the WMI COM interfaces and classes;Even there, you'll missing a "Close". From what I think [ :-) ] and my experience, the connection will disappear automatically, if your objects are all properly disposed.

What I recommend, is, create a ManagementScope first and use it all the time in your other methods and queries. Finally, get rid of it.

You should show one of your methods, to become more specific!


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