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I have a textbox that I am attaching jQuery UI's Autocomplete functionality to and I am using CSS to give it a max height via the example here. My problem is that doing this causes the z-index problem that bgiframe solves to come back again, but in a different way. The initial autocomplete menu is above all the controls underneath it, but when I begin to scroll the autocomplete menu falls behind them.

Any suggestions?


This is purely an IE6 bug.

alt text

alt text

As you can see, after scrolling down the autocomplete falls behind the other controls.

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I could solve the problem by replacing offsetHeight by scrollHeight in the following line (from jquery.bgiframe.js) :


This change solved the bug for the autocomplete fields with vertical scrollbars. I could not spot any regression in other kinds of dialogs (but I did not run extensive tests).

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I opened a bug in bgiframe :… – Siggen Jan 28 '11 at 12:24
when I make this change IE6 freezes on me. It freezes when I start typing in the Autocomplete Textbox, saying it is loading one of the jQueryUI images it uses. – rpf3 Jan 28 '11 at 14:39

You need to reverse the z-index order of the form elements (or their containers) using javascript. I.e., "Social Worker" has the lowest, "DX Code" the highest z-index.

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the problem is that the autocomplete box is generated dynamically by the jQuery plugin and deals with the z-index on it's own. I will give this a try though and post results. Thanks – rpf3 Jan 26 '11 at 23:16

You could change the offsetHeight to scrollHeight, like Siggen says, but I have encountered problems when there is only 1 result returned from the autocomplete. The 1 result is squished into a window that only like 2 pxs high. I found a fix though. When you have a data.length<2, you should use the offsetHeight, rather than the scrollHeight.

You have to modify autocomplete.js.

Locate this code:

And make it this:


Remember, this code should be used in combination with Siggen's fix.

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I have used a combination of both parameter for the height like this:


Look at the max function. Now it is good with no scroll bar (shorter list and longer list as well)

and now the autocomplete component looks perfect in IE6.

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