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I have to make all links SEO friendly on our website.

I have the following url:

I need it be:

I have no way of accessing the IIS so this has to be done thru code. Any ideas about how to achieve this would be greatly appreciated.

Many Thanks, Paul

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The standard way of solving this as far as I know is to use a rewrite engine in IIS (such as ISAPI_rewite or IIS7 url rewrite module)

However, you don't have access to IIS you say... That makes it tricky. Two thoughts come to mind:

1) Could you create a dynamic (asp) 404 page that then looks at the request header and does a transfer according to the page requested?

2) Or, and this is rather lame, could you create a static folder structure that goes some way to looking like that url structure?

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The site currently has a dynamic 404 page. I guess this is my best option going forward.. – neojakey Jan 12 '11 at 22:28

If you upgrade to IIS7 and use ASP.Net then you can control the URL rewrite module from your code.

I've done something similar to Matts suggestion 1 in the past and it can work. The important thing is you make the 404 page directly feed the true page content and not do a redirect. Otherwise your defeating the point of SEF URLs for SEO gain.

From the few references I still have to the code. asp has a Server.Transfer() function but you may have issues that you can't pass query string parameters. I think I ended up streaming the real page through the 404 page using the MSXMLServerXMLHTTP object and Response.BinaryWrite().

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