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I'm currently building a website for an awesome youth church we run (shameless plug!)..

Anywho at the moment we have a static countdown page , and were having a massive launch this weekend and the site needs to go live when we launch,

it's a rails app..

How would you recommend scheduling it going live?

having a cron job and an apache a2en?

or is there a better way?



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How about putting your countdown in an index.html and using a cron job (or similar) to delete it.

And have a :before_filter in your application controller that does a

redirect_to root_path unless > launch_time

Naturally, sometime after you launch, you'll want to remove the :before_filter...

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Beautiful... Thanks! – Daniel Upton Jan 13 '11 at 9:27

Try for cron jobs in ruby

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Have a look into at jobs. It makes more sense than cron. As cron jobs will recur.

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No need for cron jobs:

before_filter :countdown

def countdown
  render(:template => '/timeout') if < "01/13/2011".to_time
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