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What is the simplest way to use Joda time and get something like the following behavior:

public boolean check( DateTime checkTime )
    DateTime someTime = new DateTime(); //set to "now" for sake of example
    return checkTime.isBefore( someTime ) && checkTime.notMoreThanThreeHoursBefore( someTime );

So if someTime is set to 15:00 and checkTime is set to 12:15 it should return true.

If someTime is set to 15:00 and checkTime is set to 11:45 it should return false because checkTime is more than 3 hours before someTime.

If someTime is set to 15:00 and checkTime is set to 15:15 it should return false because checkTime is after someTime.

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2 Answers


DateTime someTime = new DateTime();
DateTime earliest = someTime.minusHours(3);

if (earliest.compareTo(checkTime) <= 0 && checkTime.compareTo(someTime) < 0)

I've used compareTo as there's no isBeforeOrEqual or isAfterOrEqual - but you can use compareTo for any relation.

I suspect it was just minusHours that you were after though :)

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You can do x.isBeforeOrEqual(y) by doing !y.isAfter(x) - although it's a bit obtuse. –  dty Jan 12 '11 at 23:43
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After some playing around, I found this which reads nicely:

return new Interval( someTime.minusHours( 3 ), someTime ).contains( checkTime );
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+1 for the use of Interval –  ILMTitan Jan 12 '11 at 23:28
Yup, good call. I'd forgotten about Interval. Handy that it's inclusive of the start and exclusive of the end :) –  Jon Skeet Jan 12 '11 at 23:44
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