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At this site when you hover over the nav title "Service," a drop down appears. Then when you hover witin sub nav & mouseover title "Repair," you see a 2ndary menu appear..

I want to move that 2ndary yellow sub-sub-menu up to align it with it's parent "Repair."

Now I have been able to do just that by adding top: 0; and margin-top: -40px to ID property: nav li ul li ul . But, adding top:0 and or any margin to nav li ul li ul causes the 2ndary yellow sub-sub nav to display always rather only on hover.

Any suggestions?

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I figured it out ... needed to change(decrease it) the width in nav li ul li ul –  Jonah1289 Jan 12 '11 at 23:11

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Change the style of your second level UL element to as below(i.e. make top:0):

#nav li ul li ul {
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