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How can I change all of my php/css/js files to utf character encoding? I can't get it to validate otherwise.

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Have you tried the .htaccess option "AddCharset". It should work on the parent directory of where the .htaccess file is located plus all sub directories.

AddCharset UTF-8 .php

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You haven't said what encoding the files are in at the moment, or what operating system you are using. On my Ubuntu system, I have a command called iconv that will convert a single file. Using this, I would write a simple script to convert files "in-place". For example, to convert from iso8859-15 to utf-8, put this script in /tmp/convert:

iconv -f iso8859-15 -t utf-8 "$1" > "$1.$$" && mv "$1.$$" "$1"

then run:

chmod 755 /tmp/convert

and then run find to execute that script on all .php, .js and .css files:

find /my/website/root -name \*.php -o -name \*.js -o -name \*.css -exec /tmp/convert {} \;

Remember to back up your files first in case the conversion doesn't do what you expect.

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