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It is some time that I'm testing opengl with java and JOGL. I have a good result and I wan to publish it on the web, but I have a problem. I'm in eclipse, and I'm testing an Applet with JOGL.

EDIT: Thanks to Ricket answer it fixed this problem

first of all i have this run time error (but the program works correctly):

adding a window to a container at

EDIT: but it still doesn't work:

then I found this incredibly clear page and I did what is said. I open html with the browser, the libs are downloaded, but it stops at Starting applet AppletHelloWorld, as that is the name I gave to my applet.

Maybe I am missing something like a main function or exporting the jar properly?

This is my main code:

public class AppletHelloWorld extends Applet 

public static void main(String[] args)
 JFrame fr=new JFrame(); 
 fr.add(new AppletHelloWorld());

  public void init() 
  MyJOGLProject canvas = new MyJOGLProject(); //MyJOGLProject extends JFrame
  canvas.run(); // this do setVisible(true)
 } //....
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Just as the error says, you're trying to add a window to a container. A JFrame is a window. You can't add a JFrame to anything, including a Container. I think perhaps you either don't know what a JFrame is, or don't know what a Container is.

Ideally you would have MyJOGLProject extend GLEventListener instead. Then your init function would make a new GLCanvas, add an instance of MyJOGLProject to it (via addGLEventListener), and then add the GLCanvas to your applet.

Alternatively, if you're okay with the applet popping up a JFrame, then simplify your init method:

public void init() {
    MyJOGLProject canvas = new MyJOGLProject();

That should do it.

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ok, now no more runtime exception but it still don't work in the browser. it stops in "Starting applet AppletHelloWorld". what else could it be? –  nkint Jan 13 '11 at 12:42

Use JApplet. I think that's the reason why it fails. (Use Webstart with JNLP in NetBeans)

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