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I'm looking to convert PPT and PPTX files to Flash (or flv) files in an automated fashion in Linux - So I need a command-line utility.

Are there any available options out there for me? (I haven't found any so far).

I was also looking for a Flash player to play ppt/pptx files as an alternative (similar to what slideshare provides) - does anyone know of any other than openslide?

Thanks for any help.

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Related question here: Convert powerpoint to flash

Summary of answers: you should probably use OpenOffice to do it.

To do it from the command-line, it looks like you should probably use PyODConverter http://www.artofsolving.com/opensource/pyodconverter

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OpenOffice generates a very poor SWF version. It should generate a back/foward button at least.

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