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I'm method swizzling a third party applications creation of NSMenuItems with SIMBL, but 50/50 of the time the menu-items are created before my method swizzling is initialized.

What is a clean way to make sure my swizzling always comes first? I guess I could swizzle applicationDidFinishLaunching: and continue my swizzling there. But I'm afraid I'm going to run in to the same error there, where applicationDidFinishLaunching will be called before my actual swizzle is in place.


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You can use constructor functions like this:

__attribute__((constructor)) static void do_the_swizzles()
    // Do all your swizzling here.

From GCC documentation:

The constructor attribute causes the function to be called automatically before execution enters main().

Note: Although this is originally from GCC, it also works in LLVM.

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Using the +load Objective-C method may be a better idea as it's handled before C/C++ constructors. – wbyoung Dec 7 '12 at 21:05

You'd want the swizzle to happen as soon as the libraries are loaded. You can do that via +initialize, +load, or a constructor function.

@bbum's answer to this question has a bit more information, along with one of his blog posts on the caveats of using these special class methods.

(And I'm purposely not questioning the wisdom of what you're doing ;) )

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Well a constructor didn't do me any good. The code in the constructor was run after +load. So a follow up question would be, how would I make my SIMBL plugin to inject itself upon start of the application, not with a few seconds delay? – John Williams Jan 13 '11 at 9:56
Also, in what other ways could I reach the NSMenuItem's from the 3rd party app without method swizzling them? I can reach the apps applicationDockMenu with one of their classes: [[[[AppController sharedController] applicationDockMenu:nil] itemArray] objectAtIndex:0] But there is no shared controller in the class that creates the menu bar. – John Williams Jan 13 '11 at 10:23

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