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I have quite of bit of data that I will be uploading into Google App Engine. I want to use the bulkloader to help get it in there. However, I have so much data that I generally use up my CPU quota before it's done. Also, any other problem such a bad internet connection or random computer issue can stop the process.

Is there any way to continue a bulkload from where you left off? Or to only bulkload data that has not been written to the datastore?

I couldn't find anything in the docs, so I assume any answer will include digging into the code.

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Well, it is in the docs:

If the transfer is interrupted, you can resume the transfer from where it left off using the --db_filename=... argument. The value is the name of the progress file created by the tool, which is either a name you provided with the --db_filename argument when you started the transfer, or a default name that includes a timestamp. This assumes you have sqlite3 installed, and did not disable the progress file with --db_filename=skip.


(I've used it some time ago, so I had a feeling it should be there)

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whoops... thanks. – speedplane Jan 13 '11 at 4:16

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