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Following from this OS-agnostic question, specifically this response, similar to data available from the likes of /proc/meminfo on Linux, how can I read system information from Windows using Python (including, but not limited to memory usage).

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There was a similar question asked:


There are quite a few answers telling you how to accomplish this in windows.

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You can try using the systeminfo.exe wrapper I created a while back, it's a bit unorthodox but it seems to do the trick easily enough and without much code.

This should work on 2000/XP/2003 Server, and should work on Vista and Win7 provided they come with systeminfo.exe and it is located on the path.

import os, re

def SysInfo():
    values  = {}
    cache   = os.popen2("SYSTEMINFO")
    source  = cache[1].read()
    sysOpts = ["Host Name", "OS Name", "OS Version", "Product ID", "System Manufacturer", "System Model", "System type", "BIOS Version", "Domain", "Windows Directory", "Total Physical Memory", "Available Physical Memory", "Logon Server"]

    for opt in sysOpts:
        values[opt] = [item.strip() for item in re.findall("%s:\w*(.*?)\n" % (opt), source, re.IGNORECASE)][0]
    return values

You can easily append the rest of the data fields to the sysOpts variable, excluding those that provide multiple lines for their results, like CPU & NIC information. A simple mod to the regexp line should be able to handle that.


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For Windows if you want to get the info like the one from systeminfo command you can use the WMI. (wmi module + pywin32)

import wmi

c = wmi.WMI()    
systeminfo = c.Win32_ComputerSystem()[0]

Manufarturer = systeminfo.Manufarturer
Model = systeminfo.Model


similarly, the os-related info could be got from osinfo = c.Win32_OperatingSystem()[0] the full list of system info is here and os info is here

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