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This is pretty simple. My JS is just calling:


    describe('initialization', function(){
            var search_box = $("#search_box");

        it('should initially focus on the search box', function(){
            spyOn(search_box, 'focus');

        it('should initially highlight the search box', function(){
            spyOn(search_box, 'effect');
            expect(search_box.effect).toHaveBeenCalledWith("highlight", {}, 3000);


focus() works, but effect does not. It says that the effect() method does not exist, as if I hadn't loaded the jquery-ui library.

I have added jquery-ui to my jasmine.yml file, and have verified that it is loaded by the runner.

Any suggestions?

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ever figure this out? –  thedeeno Dec 13 '11 at 2:41

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I had a similar problem. I got things working by removing this line from my application's jasmine.yml file:

- public/javascripts/**/*.js

I've explicitly changed things to include each js file explicitly. I guess one should be careful with the wildcard entry.

Hope it helps,

-- José

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In case someone will need this answer in the future:

You cannot spy on effect method like this:

spyOn(search_box, 'effect');

You should spy on effect method like this:

spyOn($.fn, 'effect');
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