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I want to run a django appserver behind apache/fastcgi. That's no problem, django does that out of the box.

I want this appserver to be deployable via setuptools. That is, I will make it as an egg and install it with easy_install. And that part I can also handle, even though setuptools is not a standard complement to a django appserver.

But what I can't figure out is how the dispatch.fcgi would actually call into this my_app.egg to "start" the server process. Has anyone ever run in this config before?

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What you probably want to do instead is use something like Paste to delegate to your egg (see example Paste deployment config file here); this means doing the flup stuff (which translates FastCGI to WSGI) manually since you'll be pointing flup at Paste instead of at Django, but you can look at the Django management script to find out how it works.

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