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I create my multiple timer countdown from easy or simple script. entire code

The problem's happen when i want to add timer countdown again

i have to declare variable current_total_second


elapsed_seconds= tampilkan("#time1");

and variable timer who set with setInterval..

timer= setInterval(function() {
   if (elapsed_seconds != 0){
       elapsed_seconds = elapsed_seconds - 1;
       $('#time1').parent().slideUp('slow', function(){
           $(this).find('.post').text("Post has been deleted");
}, 1000);

i've already know about re-factoring and try different way but i'm stack to re-factoring this code i want implement flexibelity to it.. when i add more of timer countdown.. script do it automatically or dynamically without i have to add a bunch of code.. and the code become clear and more efficient.

Thanks in Advance

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It's probably more efficient using a single timer like so...

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <style type="text/css">
     body {
        padding: 10%;

      hr {
        margin: 0px;
        padding: 0px;
        height: 6px;
        background: black;

      .clock {
          margin: 0px;
          padding: 8px 8px;
          background-color: whitesmoke;
          color: red;    

      .post {
          margin: 0px;
          padding: 8px 8px;
          background: white;
          /*border-bottom: 4px solid black;*/
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
    <a class="addTimer">Add Timer</a> | Timer count: <span class="timerCount">0</span><span class="info"></span>
    <div class="container">

  <script type="text/javascript">
    function get_elapsed_time_string(total_seconds) {
      function pretty_time_string(num) {
      return ( num < 10 ? "0" : "" ) + num;

          var hours = Math.floor(total_seconds / 3600);
           total_seconds = total_seconds % 3600;

          var minutes = Math.floor(total_seconds / 60);
          total_seconds = total_seconds % 60;

          var seconds = Math.floor(total_seconds);

          hours = pretty_time_string(hours);
          minutes = pretty_time_string(minutes);
          seconds = pretty_time_string(seconds);

          var currentTimeString = hours + ":" + minutes + ":" + seconds;        
          return currentTimeString;

    $(function() {
      var timer = null;
      var timerCount = 0;

      $(".addTimer").click(function(e) {
        $("<hr /><div class=\"timer\" data-remaining=\"10\" data-expired=\"0\"><div class=\"clock\">00:00:10</div><div class=\"post\">Lorem Ipsum</div></div>").appendTo($(".container"));


        if (timer === null) {
          $(".info").text(" | ticker created");
          timer = setInterval(function() {
            $(".container > .timer").each(function() {
              var remainingSeconds = parseInt($(this).attr("data-remaining"), 10);
              if (remainingSeconds > 1) {
                $(this).attr("data-remaining", remainingSeconds);
              } else {
                if ($(this).attr("data-expired") === "0") {
                  $(this).attr("data-remaining", remainingSeconds);
                  $(this).slideUp("slow", function() {
                    $(this).find(".post").text("Post has been deleted");
                    $(this).attr("data-expired", "1");


                    if (timerCount === 0) {
                      $(".info").text(" | ticker destroyed");
                      timer = null;
          }, 1000);
        } else {
          $(".info").text(" | using existing ticker");


In this code,I only have 1 ticker running at all time (only 1 setInterval) and using data- attribute to keep track of how many seconds left for each timer and if the timer has expired. In this way, I can add as many timer as I want since all the necessary metadata about the timer is in the timer itself.

On each tick, I'll just go through each existing timer, inspect its data-remaining attribute and update the timer div accordingly. if it expires, then do your animation. When all the timers are done, clean up the interval.

Give it a try...

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Live example here: – Jimmy Chandra Jan 13 '11 at 3:56
thanks jimmy... your code imagine me make my multiple timer countdown – Joko Wandiro Jan 13 '11 at 7:29

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