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Is this possible? How to do it? Basically I need to track if video was watched fully, and send progress into database via AJAX, but stuck on tracking FLASH.

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For this you will have to use the ExternalInterface class inside the code of the swf.

Whenever, there is more data loaded for a video, a progressEvent is generated in swf. When this progress event happens, then you will have to use ExternalInterface, which allows you to call a function in Javascript.

Lets assume, you have a javascript function,

function flvLoadProgressInSwf(percentage)
   $.ajax()//sending percentage to the server.

To call this function , from within flash, you will have to use the following command:


where percentageLoaded, can be anything from a sting to a complex object.

Incase you do want some more help, do paste your code. Thanks, Neeraj

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Hi, Thank you for your help - I just missed one fact - swf is a result file of programme - so I have no access to internal code. It shows video + slides of powerpoint presentation ( programme is called Lecturnity) I have this 'presentation' on page and need to track if students watched that. so would be great if I can record start and stop of internal flv. And one more thing - in console in FF I can see: "time 15:32:38.140 :: Thumb.x: 34; Thumb.width: 14;" but no idea how to get those to my vars. –  user936600 Jan 13 '11 at 7:29

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