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i want to know how to get the ascii code for the combination of keys. Like i want to handle event for some unique key combination [alt+ctrl+shift]. Alternatively can you please tell me the ascii code for [alt+Enter], [ctrl+Enter].

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There are flags on the event object that tell you if the alt, control or shift keys have been entered:

if (event.shiftKey) {}
if (event.altKey) {}
if (event.ctrlKey) {}

To get the key code (e.g. space), you need to check the event.keycode (13 will get you enter)

if (event.keyCode === 13){}
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Space isn't a key, it's a char. But checking event.keyCode works for the Enter key. – Neil Jan 23 '11 at 11:27

There aren't really standard mappings from keyboard codes to ASCII. Maybe this PC keyboard scan code table will help.

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