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I using Facebook appication to my IPhone application. I used FBGraph api to get the all wall from facebook and i displayed the all data in the UITableview. I created UIActivityindicator.

But when i will click the UIButton, first all process will done, after loading the data only, the view will displayed now. Now i need, first activityindicator will displayed. after loading the data only the UITableview will displayed. How i will load the activity indicator first. Please help me.


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Set the hidesWhenStopped property of your UIActivityIndicator to YES, and be sure it is not initialized to be animating. In the handler for your UIButton tap, call something like:

[self.yourActivityIndicatorView startAnimating];

Later, when you have received all the data you desire, just call:

[self.yourActivityIndicatorView stopAnimating];

All of this assumes your UIActivityIndicatorView is initialized and added to your view hierarchy correctly.

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