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When I create a new file on npp its just a blank document, can I make it generate an html doctype strict/transitional like how dreamweaver does with the premade templates?

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2 Answers

You can achieve this by using macros:

  1. Press Start Recording button on Notepad++ toolbar:
  2. Open a new document
  3. On the newly opened tab, TYPE your template code (type code, don't paste it)
    (e.g.: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">)
  4. Press Stop Recording button:
  5. Save your just recorded macro:
    assign a keyboard shortcut if you want:
    save macro
  6. Run macro from menu or invoke it by keyboard shortcut you assigned on save, whenever you want to create a new template-based document:
    run macro

Also you can open as many template-based documents as you want, by selecting option Run a Macro Multiple Times from Macro menu:
open multiple documents


That's it. I hope this info will be helpful for you.

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Ideally this should make BODY, etc tags too but you can just add those into the recording steps. –  SevenBits Jan 4 at 2:25
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There is also a simple plugin called "NewFileBrowser" which you can find using Plugins>Plugin Manager. It will set up two templates for you that you can use for your boilerplates. Actually the default value it comes with are an html 4.01 template and a java class.

Configuring it is quite easy to figure out. Once installed it gives you a menu item under Plugins>NewFile&Browser>Create New File which will open a new document with your boilerplate contents in it.

It's perfect if, like me, you only need it for new html documents.

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