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How I can log to a file validation errors of models ?

I want to have a custom log file, where validation errors are logged when I play in development mode with my application.

What is the best option to achieve that ?

Is monkey patching of the save method a good idea ? Or have You some better way to do that ?

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I know this is old... but for others. I created a module that I include in my models.

# validation_logger.rb
module ValidationLogger
  def self.included(base)
    base.send :include, InstanceMethods

    base.after_validation :log_errors, if: ->(m) { m.errors.present? }

  module InstanceMethods
    def log_errors
      Rails.logger.warn "#{self.class.name} #{self.id || '(new)'} is invalid: #{self.errors.full_messages.inspect}"
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Depends on what you want to do but how about something like this:

# model
after_validation :log_errors, :if => Proc.new {|m| m.errors}

def log_errors
  Rails.logger.debug self.errors.full_messages.join("\n")
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This is very helpful.. +1 –  Arup Rakshit Nov 2 at 10:55

I would write a before_save callback and log the errors if valid? returns false.

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