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I need to create a private key using openssl in Qt and then use that key to sign a zip file? I dont even have a clue on how to do this! Can somebody help me to do this?

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Creating a key is a multi-step process: create a "certificate signing request" CSR, give the CSR to the "certificate authority" CA, the CA will sign the certificate and return to you a public certificate. (You do this once at first program execution.) You add the certificate and private key to your certificate store (once per program execution), and then you can finally sign the file (probably using an EVP_* function). (Once per zip file.)

Good luck :) OpenSSL is a beast. I suggest using a helper tool such as TinyCA if you're also going to be your own CA. (There's nothing wrong with learning the openssl command line for CA functions, it is just a ton of extra work that doesn't get you much closer to your immediate goal. Still worth looking at.)

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