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I'm building a .NET MVC application. This is mobile web and i cannot use jQuery. In my application every process is a 3 step action witch leads me to a 3 aspx per process. My processes can be categorized so i'd like to code my controllers like: ProcessTypeAController, ProcessTypeBController. My Views should be like: \ProcessTypeA\Process1\1.aspx, \Views\ProcessTypeA\Process1\2.aspx and \Views\ProcessTypeA\Process1\3.aspx.

By convention this not work because the Controllers dont have the same "location" than Views.

Please Help in this question!

Thank U ALL.

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You could specify the location of a view:

return View("~/Views/ProcessTypeA/Process1/1.aspx");

As an alternative you could write a custom view engine in order to modify the default view location conventions. Scott Hanselman wrote an excellent blog post about how this could be achieved.

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