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I am using IBM Websphere MQ. I have the queue manager and queue name. Now, I want to check whether the queue has any messages in it?

I did not work on this before. Pleas help

Please let me know if you need further information!


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Please provide which the development platform / language? Java, C# etc –  StuartLC Jan 13 '11 at 12:20
I am sorry, which is on Java –  Mohamed Saligh Jan 13 '11 at 12:40

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The below code is .NET / amqmdnet - but you might try and convert this in the meantime until a Java dev sees your post.

To see if there is a message on the queue, without actually taking it off the queue, use MQC.MQOO_BROWSE on the Queue and IBM.WMQ.MQC.MQGMO_BROWSE_FIRST as the option You'll get MQRC_NO_MSG_AVAILABLE if the queue is empty.

    MQQueueManager queueManager = null;
    MQQueue queue = null;
    MQMessage queueMessage = new MQMessage();

    queueManager = new MQQueueManager(qmName, channelName, connName);
    queue = queueManager.AccessQueue(qName, 

    MQGetMessageOptions opt = new MQGetMessageOptions();
    queueMessage.CorrelationId = IBM.WMQ.MQC.MQMI_NONE;
    queueMessage.MessageId = IBM.WMQ.MQC.MQMI_NONE;
    queue.Get(queueMessage, opt);
    String sMessage = queueMessage.ReadString(queueMessage.DataLength);

To peek the next message use IBM.WMQ.MQC.MQGMO_BROWSE_NEXT;

To actually read the message OFF the queue, use MQC.MQOO_INPUT_SHARED on the AccessQueue.

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The answer didn't show how to check for MQRC_NO_MSG_AVAILABLE. Here is my solution. If there are better ones please let me know.

    queue.Get(queueMessage, opt);
    String sMessage = queueMessage.ReadString(queueMessage.DataLength);
catch (MQException err)
    if (err.ReasonCode.CompareTo(MQC.MQRC_NO_MSG_AVAILABLE) == 0)
        return true;
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